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Do not duplicate any speech material.

Do not duplicate or copy any work written by, copyrighted by, or produced by Alex Kovarovic, his employees, or by this website.

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Team of Alexander J. Kovarovic

CYL Media

Change Your Life Media, Inc was started in 2018 and was founded by Alexander Kovarovic. CYL Media serves as the manager of Alexander Kovarovic, but it also serves several other purposes. CYL Media serves as the management for the Change Your Life National Tour as we plan the events, choose city tour stops, and work the events themselves. CYL Media also is the publishing service for Alex's books including Change Your Life and I Hate Myself. We also serve as the owner of the Team of Alexander Kovarovic. We maintain several employees, over two-hundred volunteers, and over six-hundred independent workers and partners. We also serve many other clients including authors, smaller media teams, and piublic figures. CYL Media has an events team, a partnership team, a security team, a photgraphy and videograhy team, a press and media team, and a management team for Alexander Kovarovic and his events that can see over 10,000 people sometimes.

Want to join the Change Your Life Media team?


We're always looking for volunteers, independent contractors, and partners. Volunteers mainly serve on the events and marketing team, while independent contractors can be from various businesses. Our partners gain access to our advertising and marketing channels, our social media platforms, and a wide array of event advertising, all for free! We partner with businesses, people, nonprofits, and more, however we only partner with people and businesses that involve a positive mission. We do NOT partner with anyone or any businesses that promote violence, inappropriate acts, racism, and sexism. To join our team, Email us by clicking here.